Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, Metal-to-metal Seal with Zero Leakage for Control, Block and Isolation

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  • Increases plant availability with saving of US$ millions per year, considering 2 (two) un-programmed plant stops per year, to install or provide equipment or instruments maintenance in the pipes.
  • Increases plant energy efficiency by 1%.
  • Provides substantial saving on initial investment


  • Lifespan 100 (one hundred) times greater than conventional valves – Eliminates leaks and production losses caused by leaks in conventional butterfly valves with elastomer sealing.
  • Replaces gate, globe and ball valves with economic advantages (40% cheaper) and weight (50% lighter). Ideal for low, medium and high temperature applications.


  • Metal-to-Metal seating with watertight seal
  • Certified FIRE-SAFE
  • Replaceable seats
  • Zero leakage through the seats
  • Working temperature up to 1652 °F (900°C)


  • Design according to ASME B16.34 and API609
  • Types: Elastomer seat optional
  • Body material: Nodular cast iron; Alloy steels; Stainless steels; Duplex and Nickel-Bronze-Aluminum steels
  • Pressure class: 150# to 1500#
  • Sizes: 3” to 120”
  • Connections: Wafer; Lug; Flanges and Butt weld according to ASME B16.25 (BW)